Project Coordinators

What an honor and privilege it is to work with Conrad Weaver, Producer and Filmmaker on a project of this magnitude to tell the incredible story of how our food gets to the table.  From field to fork, the Great American Wheat Harvest documentary film will put the focus on the production of our daily bread, while the spotlight will shine on the nation’s wheat crop as it is harvested.  Through the lens’s eye this documentary will take the viewer behind the scenes and into the cabs of technologically advanced machinery being used in agriculture today.  Capturing the stories of those families and farmers who are the producers has endeared us to this legacy project.

Timing is everything when it comes to harvesting our nation’s food.  The same is true for producing a national documentary.  Just as farmers need their wheat out in a timely manner as crop ripens on average 20 to 30 miles northward every day, the project needs to work the strategic plan to develop the funds for production and distribution with hopes of the film’s debut in Spring of 2014. Once production funds are raised, The Great American Wheat Harvest film crew will launch production and begin following the harvest for six to seven months as harvesters travel the 10-state region from Texas to the Canadian border gathering the nation’s wheat that helps to feed the world.

We’ll be working behind the scenes to coordinate the strategic plans, fund development for production and public awareness.  It doesn’t happen very often when one is called to rise to the challenge and capture an American Treasure. We are excited and look forward to presenting the project’s goals and vision.  Our hope is to create relationships of integrity that build the esprit de corps and foster an attitude of cooperation and best practices to accomplish the mission of the film.  The Great American Wheat Harvest will be a lasting legacy for our national historical record.  Join us and follow this incredible journey at

With Highest Regards,

Jody L. Lamp and Melody Dobson 
National Executive Co- Coordinators
The Great American Wheat Harvest Documentary

Phone: 406-698-9675