The Great American Wheat Harvest Premieres on Television

wqpt-logoWe’re excited to announce that the Great American Wheat Harvest film will make its television premiere on WQPT (Quad Citiies PBS) on Tuesday, February 3 at 7:00PM.

The Quad Cities is home to the global headquarters of the film’s legacy sponsor, John Deere, and John Deere Harvester Works, the factory where John Deere combines are made; so it’s appropriate that WQPT has agreed to show our film on their station.

This is the first public television showing of the film and we hope to connect with other PBS stations around the country. If you would like it shown in your area, please contact your local PBS station and ask for it. The more interest there is, the more likely they will agree to air it.

The film will be shown at the following days and times on WQPT:
Tuesday, February 3rd @ 7p.m.
Wednesday, February 4th @ Midnight
Thursday, February 5th @ 9p.m.
Friday, February 6th @ 2:30a.m.

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