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Great American Wheat Harvest and Miss America 2011

Reposted from the Barn Anew Blog

The Barn was buzzing with excitement last week.  We were honored to be hosts to Conrad Weaver of ConjoStudios, LLC, producer of the documentary, “The Great American Wheat Harvest”.  Meeting at the Barn with him from Billings, Montana, were Melody Dobson of Baseline Communications and Jody Lamp of Lamp PR & Marketing.  To get the marketing campaign for the documentary jump started  Teresa Scanlan, 2011 Miss America, was also here to tape a PSA for the film, before she boarded a plane for the Middle East to visit with America’s troops. ”The Great American Wheat Harvest” tells the agricultural story of America’s wheat producers and the combine crews that travel the plains of the Midwest from Texas to the Canadian border.  Their annual cross country trek is a saga which captivated Conrad Weaver’s imagination and thus the impetus to create the film.  The documentary will tell the saga of America’s harvest crews, who cut deep furrows through 10 states, not only with the wide swaths that their combines and harvest machinery have sculptured the prairies with, but also the personal drama of deep human relationships, arduous work, tragedies and joys and celebrations.  It is an American story that all Americans need to know.  After having seen the film, you will definitely have a deeper appreciation for the loaf of bread that you lift from the grocery store shelf and load into your shopping cart.  And you will have a deeper respect for American agriculture!

Written by Cher Maybee of Barn Anew Bed & Breakfast.