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In-Kind Sponsorships | Great American Wheat Harvest

In-Kind Sponsorships

As we begin production we are looking for companies who are willing to sponsor various equipment and supplies we’ll need as we travel across the country. In-Kind sponsorships will be treated like our regular sponsors with media alerts, press releases, web site listings and mentions, and will be listed in the films credits as well.  Here are a few of the items we’re looking for:

Food and Lodging for the Crew
Helicopter/Airplane rental – We’d like to get some aerial shots of the harvest operations

In-Kind Sponsorships we already have:

AgWired.com – Silver In-Kind Sponsorship providing media coverage and promotions
Cochran Farm Supply, Edson, KS – Discount on trailer
Jim Zeorian Harvesting & Trucking: Food and Lodging for the crew
JKD Harvesting – Colby, KS: Food and Lodging for the crew
Misener Family Harvesters – Elk City, OK: Food and Lodging for the crew
BTI Equipment – Pratt, KS: Provided a John Deere Gator

Other sponsorship Opportunities

Fuel Sponsor – $5000 The fuel sponsor will help pay for our gas as we travel across the country. Pulling a trailer with a  truck will chew through lots of fuel. The fuel sponsor will be featured on the web site, and logo placed on the truck.

Food Sponsor – $5000 The food sponsor will help pay for the video production crew’s meals. We’ll spend more than 60 days in production as we travel around the country shooting this film. That’s a lot of food for a hungry crew.