Here’s what people are saying out the Great American Wheat Harvest film.

“My wife and I went to Scottsbluff, NE last [Spring] to watch the Great American Wheat Harvest movie when it came out, and watched it with them, as they were there promoting the movie. Even though I had been around it (harvesting) for over 20 years, via visiting with [the Zeorians] every August, I had an eye opener at the movie. The expense, planning, and uncertainty really hits home when you watch it. Anyone that has any business sense at all would see that it takes a lot of guts for those independent crews to hit the road every year, and face the unknown. Watch the movie if you get a chance!”John Graham

“What an amazing insight! Very good story and I would highly recommend. Best DVD I have seen in a while.”Thomas

“We received the DVD and were able to watch it this morning and it was fabulous!!! My husband and I have a small farming/hay/cattle operation of about 2,000 acres in North East Texas and also do custom spraying, we are far from being one of the “big boys” but we both sat with tears streaming down our cheeks through the entire documentary! I don’t know if it was the emotional connection with the farming families showcased and the nature of farming or seeing our same struggles (weather, equipment trouble, etc) in the farms across the country and the acknowledgement that we are all fighting the same battles no matter the size and scale of our farms.
Thank you!!!!!”  – Jennifer Brewer Dudley

“If you get a chance to see the documentary, it is well worth your time.”  – The Prairie Star

“There were moving images, breathtaking views, heart aches and even some tears. In other words, I LOVED IT!” – Laurie Link (Read the rest of Laurie’s review)

“I was at the premier for The Great American Wheat Harvest, and it blew me away!! I was there to work, and wound up a fan and advocate – or should I say Agvocate?” Jeff Behm, Photographer

“I think it will open people’s eyes if they see it as to how the whole industry works.” –  Zack, custom harvester, Girard, Kansas