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“Great American Wheat Harvest” film premiers

At the National Agriculture Day celebration in the nation’s capital, “The Great American Wheat Harvest” documentary made it’s debute. The film directed by Conrad Weaver set out to show how wheat goes from the field to the table. The film took more than two years to go from concept to finished project. Weaver is excited to see the project come to fruition. In a interview with KNEB/Rural Radio Network, He compared the experience to childbirth.

“A lot pain leading up to it and then once we have the film out there it’s a big sign of relief and exciting,” Weaver said. “It’s a big day, glad to be on this side of things”.

The film explores the life of four custom harvest crews who travel from the heart of Texas to the Canadian border harvesting the wheat that feeds America and the world. Weaver says like agriculture, the story has several unexpected turns.

“The one harvest crew that we thought we would spend a lot more time with, actually had a lot very bad year as far as harvest,” Weaver said. “They had very little wheat to cut, so we didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with them. So I guess that’s a surprise and and a twist we didn’t really anticipate, but I guess it’s kinda par for the course for harvest. Every year is different and harvest season has its own surprises”.

The Great American Wheat Harvest documentary will now be shown around the country. Weaver says next week they will have screenings in Lincoln and Scottsbluff.

“So we’re excited to be there to bring this film to the general public,” Weaver said. “Beyond that we have screenings the next three or four weeks in various cities and we’re working on big plans to get this film into theaters around the country”.

The Great American Wheat Harvest documentary will be premiered in western Nebraska at the historic Midwest Theater on Friday, April 4 at 7:30.



Great American Wheat Harvest Premier

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Great American Wheat HarvestThe National Premier Screening of The Great American Wheat Harvest movie took place yesterday as the first of many National Ag Day activities. On hand were the stars of the documentary that include:

Jim Deibert – JKD Harvesting
Jim & Tracy Zeorian – Jim Zeorian Harvesting
Dan, Kristy, & Emma Misener – Misener Family Harvesting
Lee Petersen – L. Petersen Farms
Eric Wolgemuth – Wolgemuth Harvesting

I spoke with this group of awesome and passionate custom harvesters before the film premier. I asked them about their experience of being filmed for the project. They all really enjoyed working with the producer, Conrad Weaver, and believe he truly captured their livelihood as it really is. They hope the non-farm public will feel what they feel.

You can listen to my interview with the harvesters here:Interview with Custom Harvesters

The film is now ready for prime time and Conrad is busy working on distribution. Later this year we’ll also be able to order a copy of the movie. I’ll announce that when we get the details.

You can find photos from all National Ag Day activities online here: 2014 Ag Day Photo Album


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