Harvest Crews Heading South

Crews heading southHere’s an update on the progress of the movie project! Last week we spent time with Jim Deibert of Deibert Harvesting (JKD INC) and his crew as they made final preparations for their first trip south to Texas. The exciting part for us was to actually film their journey to Texas. Seeing 8 semi trucks and a couple of pickups all loaded with harvesting equipment was quite an experience. Unfortunately, we even had a couple of flat tires – but I guess when you have more than 150 tires on the road, you’re bound to have a flat or two. Overall it was a great experience, and we look forward to shooting more footage of harvest crews on the road. More importantly we can’t wait to actually see them in the fields harvesting wheat. tirerepair

Next week we’ll be in Frederick, OK attending the Harvest Kickoff event sponsored by CASE IH. We’re looking forward to seeing many of the harvest crews at this annual event.

Harvest Kickoff

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