Friday, July 29

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The past few days have been spent with the Zeorian Harvesting crew in Limon, CO where they are wrapping up harvest and looking ahead to moving to Jordan, MT.  Yesterday Jim Zeorian took us into a wheat field to check on its condition and to see if there was any impact from the storms that roared through Limon on Wednesday evening. Fortunately, the wheat looked untouched even from the rain. That was good news! Although there’s still a little wait until the wheat is completely ready, they hope to be cutting by the weekend. Then it’s off to Montana. When they move their gear, I’ll be hitting the road to catch them in action: combine, trailer house, grain truck and all. The Zeorians have to make two trips to Jordan in order to move all the gear.

We’ve taken a break from the harvest, but remain “on-call” from a crew up near Wall, SD. There is a 400 acre wheat field up there that I want to document the harvesting, it has gorgeous scenery and landscape all around. Jim Diebert is giving me a call when they are ready to cut it. It will be well worth the 427 mile trip from Loveland, CO.

When I get that shot, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Conrad W.

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