About the Film


In their own words:

“If you get a chance to see the documentary, it is well worth your time.”  – The Prairie Star

“There were moving images, breathtaking views, heart aches and even some tears. In other words, I LOVED IT!” – Laurie Link (Read the rest of Laurie’s review)

“I was at the premier for The Great American Wheat Harvest, and it blew me away!! I was there to work, and wound up a fan and advocate – or should I say Agvocate?” Jeff Behm, Photographer

“[The Great American Wheat Harvest] exceeded my expectations. After being able to see the final cut of the film, seeing the reaction from the crowd, but also how Conrad Weaver the producer was able to tell the story of these different custom cutters going on the harvester trail and how difficult it is. Boy, I think it’s a great story and now we are excited to see where the film is going to be debuted and shown across the US.” – Barry Nelson, Manager, Media Relations, John Deere Ag and Turf Division

Upcoming Events and Screenings

Garden City, KS -September 5, Sequoyah Cinema
Winfield, KS
– September 5, Cowley Cinema
Guymon, OK
- September 5, Northridge Cinema
Limon, CO: September 5 – 7; 7:30pm nightly.  A COLORADO PREMIERE!  Lincoln Theater.
Grand Island, NE: September 10. The Grand Theater
Tulsa, OK: September 26 – Circle Cinema
Mott, ND: October 6, 7:00pm  - Playhouse Theater

We’re continuing to look for opportunities to screen this film in the following locations: Pierre, SD; Philip, SD;  Colorado;  Guymon, OK;

Public Screening Schedule
Info for theater managers

We’re working to announce more screenings in the coming months. Please check back for regular updates. A portion of all ticket sales for this film will go to help support Feed my Starving Children,  a Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A single meal costs only 22 cents to produce, and 92 percent of total donations goes directly toward the food program.



We’re grateful for the following people and companies who’ve partnered with us to help distribute this film.  If you’re interested in becoming a distribution partner, please CONTACT US!

Farm Credit Services of America
Nebraska Rural Radio Foundation
Montana Agri-Women
Lynette Nealy Insurance
Loveland Products
KURL Radio
Lewis Clark Terminal
The McGreggor Company