About the Film


Here’s what people are saying about the Great American Wheat Harvest:

“What an amazing insight! Very good story and I would highly recommend. Best DVD I have seen in a while.”Thomas

“As a Vocational Agriculture teacher for over 25 years, I must say that your documentary is one of the best agricultural films I have seen! Being in Massachusetts, we are so far removed from main street agriculture, your film allows me to show my students how incredible agriculture is in this country. Your film captured the challenges and rewards that an agricultural family business goes through to make a living.” – David Green, Animal Science Instructor, Norfolk County Agricultural High School

“If you get a chance to see the documentary, it is well worth your time.”  – The Prairie Star

“There were moving images, breathtaking views, heart aches and even some tears. In other words, I LOVED IT!” – Laurie Link

“I think it will open people’s eyes if they see it as to how the whole industry works.” –  Zack, custom harvester, Girard, Kansas

“Having grown up in the Midwest, I love watching giant combines travel in staggered rows across vast fields of golden wheat, as they harvest the ripened crop. This excellent documentary, THE GREAT AMERICAN WHEAT HARVEST, includes some beautiful footage of combines in action, but it’s primarily about the people who take those huge combines on the road each summer to bring in the latest crop.” – Lynn E., Reviewed on Amazon.com

“This is definitely an inspirational and informative film that allows us to learn about exactly what wheat farmers go through on the daily in order to provide basic food to sustain a nation. This film reveals a great behind the scenes look at the struggles wheat farmers face, while highlighting and providing recognition to all the hard work that these farmers do for consumers like us. Provides great insight into a farmer’s world, and it is definitely worth your time to check out this film! The videography is amazing as well!” – Reviewed on Amazon.com

“Wow, I thought that the life of a farmer was just working in their field and harvesting their crops. I never realized the amount of work that actually goes into it! Watching this movie gave me a whole new appreciation for the farmers of America and the intense labor that they do. If you are a consumer of wheat products, this movie is a must see!”
– Matthew L.  Reviewed on Amazon.com